What people think matters as much for our clients as it does for us. So we designed a feedback system that tries to get to the bottom of the way our clients really feel about the service we provide. We are pretty chuffed with the results. Here’s what they have to say:

82% of customers claim to have recommended us or intend to recommend us to others.

93% think LSP's photos were integral to the success of their sale or let.

96% of LSP customers chose 'very happy' to describe service satisfaction.

The quality of our product allows our clients, private and corporate to consistently outperform competitors in their areas. It is a very difficult thing to prove that it was our photography 'what done it', but here is the data from the last twelve months.

The average value of our clients' property has increased at 16.8% last year. Significantly beating the local market rate.

Our agency clients won an incredible 78% of valuations they were invited on last year.

Our clients sold 82% of all new-build properties they were jointly instructed on last year.

We've helped increase our clients' completion percentages to 93% of accepted offers.

Our clients sold 77% of the property they were jointly instructed on last year. 

We plan and tailor our marketing products to continually improve our product and better assist our clients in outperforming their local competitors. With a hands on approach, we have helped many clients to hoover up a higher and higher percentage of the business in their catchments.

We'd like to point out that we simply cannot compete on price with the cheapest suppliers of photographic services. If the cheapest is what you need, we are afraid that we cannot help. We do, however provide what our clients tell us is the best service they have encountered - and we hope to continue to offer all our clients the greatest value they can find.


We've tried to keep this as simple as it can be though perhaps not as simple as we'd like it to be.

Service: Photos: Price: +Floorplan: &EPC: &3D scan:
Bronze Photo Service: 10 £95+VAT £125+VAT £165+VAT £425+VAT
Silver Photo Service: 20 £125+VAT £150+VAT £185+VAT £445+VAT
Gold Photo Service: 30 £155+VAT £175+VAT £205+VAT £465+VAT

For costs on bespoke work for developments or luxury properties please contact us to discuss.


We design brochures for developers selling hundreds of units and for clients with individual homes to sell. They have become an invaluable tool for clients who wish to differentiate themselves in terms of quality from their competition.

With prices starting at as little as £750+VAT we are able to help our clients outperform their larger and better funded competition in the marketing stakes, affording further credibility to their sales approach in both the sales arena and on valuations.

Brochures are a bespoke service we offer our clients. For a quotation, please contact us.

CGI images/Architectural Visualisations

Computer generated architectural visualisations are a bespoke product with every client wanting something different. Pricing varies depending on type and number of images (internal, external, fly-throughs etc.), on the size of the development (and therefore time) and whether site visits are required for surveys or contextual photography.

Prices start from as little as £950 + VAT. For a quotation, please contact us.